6 Nov '16

Black German Shepherd puppy’s ear activated

Black German Shepherd puppy's ear activatedReddit

You can see the grown dog in the second picture. Obviously not fully but right around the muzzle.

Yeah the nose changed much. When it grows even more it’s gonna be one majestic, serious beast.

vrrrt walkies, you say?

what breed or mix is this??

(Black) German Shepherd Dog. Looks to be long hair too, but they can be pretty fuzzy as pups and grow out of it.

Definitely a black longhaired GSD.

I think is GSD

Had to make transformer sound effects out loud when I saw this

Alternatively, “Go go gadget ears.”

Nose: Activated Tail: Activated

I adore dogs with prick ears. So much personality. Of course, I may be biased since my Aussie has prick ears as well. She did the exact same thing as your pup.

Those little ears are too charming I bet it’s fun to pet it

Is this a baby king shepherd?

Gotta make sure there isn’t another “Good boy”.

Is that a shepherd or a maligator?

I’ve recently read about pups who’s ears start dropped then eventually pop up for good. What breed is this?