6 Nov '16

Dad who was against getting a cat, 2 years later

Dad who was against getting a cat, 2 years laterImgur

In my experience, cats gravitate more to those who dislike them, eventually converting them.

I think it’s because people that don’t like cats don’t chase and annoy cats. Cats dig that.

My dad pre-cat: why are we getting a cat? they’re just mean. my dad post-cat: ooowoshiwoshiwosh, who’s a cute cat? you are! Yes, you are!

Your dad looks like an old version of Walter White…

If I thought I could get a cat that would hang with me like that I would.

It’s all fun and games until you’re stuck there and can’t get up without the cat leaving.

My husband kept leading me on with “we’ll see” and “maybe one day.” We finally got a kitty and she is his little princess, it’s ridiculous.

The cat could tell and now is covertly looking for his weak spots

My cat only hangs out with my dad and my dad “hates” cats

Looks like he’s happily adopted. Your dad I mean.

That’s normally how it ends up

That’s the power of the Dark Side

My dad was the same. He has had Jack for three years now and they are inseparable.

I’m currently in the same position with my GF’s cat. It’s so I can look at my phone without her getting in my face.

Cat says: I own you, baldy!

Most people aren’t against pets, but against all the things they come with, like expensive food and vet bills and eventual death. And piss.

They are always against it in the beginning

He still doesn’t look thrilled about it.

He’s still against having a cat but has given up resisting.

My dad always told us growing up he was allergic. Turns out he just didn’t like them…

Cats are really fluffy warm pillows who sometimes are mean to you

No doubt for that very reason, he hasn’t moved in two hours…

I’m allergic to cats. I stayed at a friend’s house who had a couple. I woke up the next morning to the big cat on my chest.

My dad did the same thing when my cat (I live 4 doors down) adopted him.

And now you know why. Cheeky blighter won’t leave him alone. đŸ˜›