6 Aug '16

Faith in humanity restored. Warning: this will make you cry

I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want to, but I am.

Faith in humanity restoredSource

The company is called Lil Helper. Check them out. I don’t have a child, but I’ve only seen good things about them. They even have a God Forbid Guarantee on their website, where they promise that if anything unfortunate happens during your pregnancy, your entire purchase will be refunded.


We need more people who will run a company this way!!

This takes me back to when I donated the only onesie I’d ever purchased, “Babysaurus”, after my wife miscarried. We divorced after that.

Ordered diapers from them for my sister a while back.each order comes with a note from Mohammed and a bag of tea. Great company

We are doing an IVF procedure and if this work all of my baby stuff is coming from theses guys. Faith in humanity restored!

Now I’m sitting here holding my two week old baby and crying. Dang it, why did I put on makeup today?

That is some amazing care by a company, although some asshole in my apartment is cutting onions, it looks like.

When he started off with saying he’s offended and hurt, I thought this was going to go into a completely heartless direction.

We’ve bought their products. Baby isn’t here yet but the quality, hand written notes, and free gifts included were an awesome start.

Anyone else notices the guy’s name is “Gandhi”? I’m not sure if I should make a joke about reincarnation or warmongering in Civ.

I didn’t need onions this early

I’m going to go hug my wife and daughter.

I worked for a top NICU medical provider. If the baby didn’t survive, they would not bill for medical services.

Because of stuff going on right now, the first few lines made me cry.

This is so nice! The cloth diaper service we had planned on using and gave 100s to didn’t refund a dime when we lost our son at 38 weeks.

This is beautiful, as an expectant mother, it warms me to know that there are nice people and companies in this world! Just awesome!

Had my first ultrasound today. i’m not crying, because i am stone woman. but this is beyond generous, what a wonderful company practice.

Not much makes me cry anymore… but this brought back my emotions. I’m a mess.

Who cut onions here?

Who left all these onions around.

I’m pregnant and already have a crap ton of cloth diapers but I’m going to order more from them right now. This is how you do business.


I’m drunk and this made me tear up

What’s this water falling from my face? It certainly doesn’t taste like water.

Wow. So uplifting, despite my tears.

And this is just another reason to support good businesses even if it costs a bit more than ordering cheaper elsewhere.