4 Apr '17

Give this man a small loan of a million dollars!

That’s a pretty promising campaign, you have my vote.

Give this man a small loan of a million dollars!Source


Fun Fact: In all legal and legislative documents in New York State, marijuana is spelled mariguana.

I heard Mexico was making a wall keep Donald Trump out. Supposedly they even want the US to pay for it.

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The Art of the Deal PDF

Source: Allpdfbooksepub.com

That reminds me: the Libertarian Town Hall is on CNN

Cardboard Sign Guy for president. I’m on board with Mr.Cardboard.

I bet this dude made a lot of money that day

Late but has potential.

Does he have  PayPal?

He’s got my vote.

If it’s legal by state law, but illegal by federal law, then it’s still illegal.

Pretty solid campaign plan, actually.

Now that’s addressing the real issues

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