Top 60 Funniest Pictures From This Week That Will Instantly Cure Your Bad Day

Are you having a bad day at work and need to cheer you up? Well, here is our collection of top funniest pictures from this week that will instantly cure your bad day. Sit down, relax, scroll down and enjoy.

#1. Profile photo vs tagged photo.

#2. That’s the reason it takes long time to wash hands for few people.

#3. We all related to this.

#4. Hold on, let me call the police.

#5. On the way to steal fishes.

#6. Classic server wanted job posting.

#7. The owner might underestimate the size of the package.

#8. Trust me, I am an engineer.

#9. When you are 4 but the job requires 6 years of experiences.

#10. Sneak level over 99.

#11. Single, works two jobs, and too lazy to cook.


#13. The kid is technically correct.

#14. Relatable meme.

#15. When you are drunk and browse Amazon.